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This piece's design is inspired by this beautiful butterfly, the Protesilaus telesilaus, I got as a special present. The butterfly holds deep symbolic significance across cultures. Representing metamorphosis and rebirth, it serves as a powerful symbol of personal growth and positive change. Delicate with resilient nature, the butterfly inspires me to embrace life’s transformations with grace and emerge stronger. Because beauty can emerge from life’s challenges! 

Butterfly dish

€ 38,00Price
  • 16 x 11 cm


    Each piece is hand-built and hand-painted. No stencils involved! 

    Since all products are handmade, perfect imperfections are present. Please carefully look at the pictures and product descriptions. 


    All glazes used are food safe. While all pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe, it is recommended to hand-wash all ceramics, to protect the surface from abrasion overtime.

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