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the artist

My name is Jaëlla and I'm a young artist from Amsterdam. Throughout my life, creative expression has been my truest form of flourishing. Whether it be drawing, painting, or sculpting, all mediums have captivated me. It was during the pandemic, while confined at home, that I discovered ceramics, realising it was the perfect medium for me.


Entering a state of flow while working with this natural material has been a big part of my journey as an artist. Now being able to share my work with the world, I hope to be able to remind people of the profound beauty found in the simplicity of everyday moments. Each piece I create carries a piece of my passion, a tangible expression of the joy and solace that art has brought me throughout my life. Each piece is hand-built and hand-painted. No stencils involved!

All of the pieces I make are created consciously from the comfort of my room and are inspired from moments in my life. My creativity peaks after a meditation or yoga session; that's when my most inspired work comes to life. I'm deeply passionate about mindfulness, yoga, self-improvement, and fostering love in every conceivable way. I hope the love invested in crafting these pieces resonates with you.


With lots of love,


Jaëlla <3

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