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A decoratice wallhanger that serves as a reminder of the clarity of the sun.


One of my highlights this year was my holiday to Croatia. Spending the full days in the crystal clear sea while simultaneously being energised by the sun. The nature, calmness, Croatian people, and my best friend made it so I felt centred and moved like my true self. I felt truly inspired and wanted to create a special ceramic piece. I got the idea of creating a decorative wall hanger that would move like the dancing sun rays. I started drawing out my idea on receipts from our groceries while having a glass of wine, overlooking the beautiful harbour of Stari Grad. When at home I was motivated to immediately get to work. Completed with golden chains that glisten in the light, I now made a decorative piece that serves as a reminder of the clarity of the sun. 


Sun wall hanger

€ 45,00Price
  • 50 x 10 cm (including chain)


    All products are handmade, so perfect imperfections are present. Please carefully look at the pictures and product descriptions. 

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