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My story

My name is Jaëlla and I'm a young artist from Amsterdam. For all my life, I've flourished when I could express myself creatively. Drawing, painting, creating sculptures.. all mediums interested me. When I started with ceramics while being stuck at home due to the pandemic, I knew I found the perfect medium for me. Going into a state of flow while working with a natural material and decorating it afterwords made my heart glow. When friends and family requested custom pieces, I decided to post my work online. With love, Jaëlla was born!

All of the pieces I make are created consciously from the comfort of my room. My creativity flows best after doing a meditation or done a yoga session so that's when I create the most. I have a great interest in mindfulness, yoga, self-improvement and cultivating love in any way possible. All pieces are hand-built and hand-painted. No stencils here! I hope you can feel the love that helped create the pieces.

With lots of love,

Jaëlla <3

With love, Jaëlla 

KVK         86954091

BTW        NL004331636B37

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